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FSX - Sky Simulations - MD-11 SP1 - N537JB Unlimited Gems quawilei




This list will be updated once more new information comes up. The MD-11, like the MD-10, was the first twin-jet turbofan to enter production. The MD-11 was, by far, the longest lived and arguably the best selling of the four major turbofan models. MDCAT - MD-11 - Boeing MD-11-63A, N537JB The MD-11 was designed by Boeing specifically for the US military and civilian air transport markets, and was the first aircraft to carry a 200 MPH speed restriction on its climb out. It was also one of the first military aircraft to offer a passenger cabin pressure system designed specifically for high altitude flight. In the past, I've been critical of certain Boeing designers, such as the 737, and this criticism is reciprocated when it comes to the MD-11. As an aircraft, the MD-11 received a plethora of design changes. In the end, the MD-11 received better engines, a better flight control system, and the new airframe. With those upgrades, the MD-11 ultimately became a high altitude and short field aircraft - two missions it was specifically designed for. The MD-11 was first put into production in 1980 and immediately received the US Presidential Citation as the best civil airliner of its time. The MD-11 received the designation T-tail, T-model, or simply T. The MD-11 was a key part of the T-model family of aircraft. The MD-11 ultimately went through 10 different variants and a facelift at the tail end of production, but all T-models share certain common characteristics. The MD-11 first flew on May 31, 1979. MD-11: 1983 Grumman F-14 Tomcat The MD-11 was built to be used as both an air refueling tanker and a long-range passenger jet. There were two choices for engines on the MD-11 - the IAE Rolls-Royce RB211, the IAE DB-183 (Derived from the Rolls-Royce F136 engine), and the Pratt & Whitney JT9D. The RB211 was the original engine choice and was the standard engine on the MD-11 throughout its production run, which lasted almost 20 years. Originally, the RB211 was rated at 470kN (105klb/sq in) dry thrust, with a thrust specific fuel consumption of 0.128 lbs/hr/



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FSX - Sky Simulations - MD-11 SP1 - N537JB Unlimited Gems quawilei

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